Behind Black and White. In the middle of Yours and Mine.

A message in a bottle has been found. A cry for help. From the two children.



Stepping stones – step by step a concept of production and action for children between the ages 5-10 is being developed.

HOW: Through living installations, sensory theater concerts and workshops ordinary people’s challenges and possibilities are being expressed in words, pictures, music, songs and movement. The objective in 2020 is the implementation of a digital concept,, that is based on learning/development and wellbeing and that can be used by all people.

WHO: The concept has been developed by Aarhus Musikskole in a collaboration with local and regional arts educational schools, cultural institutions, educational institutions, the municipality of Aarhus and the Central Denmark Region as an interplay between different professional competences, ages, ethnic groups but also national, Nordic and international co-developers have been involved.

Since 2010 the development of the concept has been an ongoing process. In 2017 the concept ”message in a bottle to the future” will be conveyed in the opening event on 20/21 January. In June 2017 the performance will be set in a Nordic context. In November, it will be set in a regional context, and in 2018, it will be set in a European context. Through the above children from the ages between 6 to 25  will be co-developers of the concept.

The primary target group of the concept are children between the ages of 5 to 10. The different art forms create a safe space where children are empowered to interact with others and use their skills to express themselves about challenges and possibilities faced across age, communities and cultural groups in e.g. day care institutions, schools or support groups for children affected by grief/abuse/mental disease – with or without relatives.

The concept is based on the children’s esthetic and sensuous approach to their own stories in an area  between facts and fiction – me, you, and us, and the involvement of mystic and historical materials.

A frame has been made to protect the two participants: Two children –Luck and Fortuna – are frozen – struck in the darkness on an endless sea. What they have experienced is so painful that they have frozen themselves and unfortunately into a block of ice that is so cold they cannot feel pain any more.

We are helping the two children regain their memory by contributing everything we know, are and think. Little by little, they remember and dare to act on the situation they are in – then we go on a trip of a lifetime. On the way we make nine stops – each stop represents a stage in life.

The story is a journey through a crisis about living and being able to move forward. Who and what can help, and what is conflict? Together, we will answer riddles and acquire symbolic things that can help us move forward. Together we ”unthaw” and melt what is difficult and find the light hidden behind the darkness.

The concept is simple to use and easily accessible via film, pictures and music in order to overcome possible language barriers. It is based on newly created and non-religious ritual artefacts and rites stemming from adventurers’ guides and magical formula. The concept creates a meeting place for possibilities where we can come together on the factors that affects us all.

Together we will reconstruct the stories of our lives and discuss different aspects of challenges and possibilities of the past, present and future that can make new ways for constructive actions.

The project is also about the value to society based on early intervention and active citizenship.

We learn to reach out and take part in each other’s lives across generations and classes.

The nine universes: Roots, Dream, Anxiety, Freeze, Seeking, Riot, Goodbye, Hope, Beginning