A Message in a Bottle Has Been Found!

A message in a bottle has been found. A cry for help. From two children.


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Developing the show and the next step… 

Step by step, children and young adults have created a story about what lies behind black and white, in the middle of yours and mine.

A story that can be retold, rethough and recreated, with inspiration from different times and places, across all eternity.

Since 2010, Aarhus Music School has collaborated with eduction and culture institutions, locally and around the world, working with the aim of creating a story -inspired, narrative based concept, which creates a framework for children and youths to participate and collaborate with art.

The Faculty of Arts at Aarhus University, the Aarhus Council, and the city’s children and youths, have followed us on our journey, furnished us with new thoughs and shared their knowledge about the creativity of children and young adults. More than 10,000 children and youths have collaborated, rethought, developed and experimented with art in different ways.

The story of the two lost children’s struggle to find themselves, each other, and everyone else, has grown over the years. All the experiments are now based on their journey, together with other creative tasks along the way. Together we take the children into the darkness, see their confusion in being stuck and alone, and take note of their pain at having coldness in their hearts. We listen to their pleas for help, and send them an answer: We want to help you! We follow their inner processes, from hopeless emptiness, to their determination to remember. Together with the children, Lock and Fortuna, we experience anger and pain, and how, in the end, we dare to make a place for hope and new beginnings. We meet friends and foes in the different places we find ourselves, and offer our thoughts on how they sound, look, smell and feel. We expect these experiments to give children and young adults the tools they need to cope with the waves in the ocean that is their life, when the darkness feels endless, and when we feel the cold has paralyzed us.

Our thanks go to everyone who has accompanied us on our jouney so far. We are busy developing the story furthur for anyone who may wish to experience it in the future. You are always welcome to contact us should you require any further information.


Read more about the project here.